Who We Are

The Project Management Unit (PMU) was constituted in year 2001 with staff initially drawn from the Transmission Sub-Sector of PHCN from the first credit facility; namely Nigeria Transmission Development Project (NTDP) about USD100m to address only transmission deficiencies.

In 2007, the Niger Basin Water Resources Development And Sustainable Eco-Systems Management Programme (NBWRDSEM) under the Federal Ministry of Water Resources became effective and there was a provision in the credit facility for the rehabilitation of three hydro power generating units in Kainji Power Station in which PMU was to manage its implementation. This led to the setting up of the generating unit in PMU.

PMU is saddled with the responsibility of Implementing and Managing all Power Projects under the World Bank Assisted Credit (International Development Association) of the Federal Government of Nigeria in line with World Bank Procurement Guidelines. This is achieve by a well processed and coordinated sequence of project activities in chronological order right from project conception to completion and commissioning ranging from project Identification Appraisal Report, procurement, Bid evaluation, Contract Award and contract Administration/Management). This could simply be put in contract terms as Start to Finish’.









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